Tuesday, July 24, 2007

recent photos


HOT CROSS at the fenton, leeds

FLAMINGO 50 basement show

RUN LIKE HELL at the castle

RUN LIKE HELL all fm live session

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Every drummer needs a Gary

End the Agony, Klondyke Club... April 5th 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007

Daniel Higgs, Christchurch Crypt Skipton

This was a great show. I barely took any pictures because a. it felt intrusive and b. I wanted to enjoy the set, not worry about how my pictures of the the candlelit crypt would come out. In retrospect, the one murky picture I took of Daniel playing has a bit of an otherworldly quality to it when put next to the crisper ones. The picture outside the doorway shows tour booker, the man himself, hanger-on/photographer, promoter, driver.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lost n Found

After Kaffequeeria we had a quick look round this LostnFound place. Holy shit!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hare and Hounds gig

This is my favourite venue in Manchester at the moment. These are the people that played on 10th October 2006 :





all photos by Statto

Thursday, July 27, 2006

gig in Lancaster

Must go to more Lancaster gigs. Good people, good sound, good lineups. Dreams are Free, Motherfucker! opened. Both them and The Day Man Lost are having a year off after this gig due to new kids on the way. Having toured with this band and seen them countless times, I'd say this was one of their best sets. Buy their 7" if you like the idea of a Born Against/Infest hybrid.

close up of Nick from that last photo:

full size photos - first one, second one

The Day Man Lost from Preston are undoubtledly 'powerviolence' and totally awesome. Plently of good heckling during their set.

Kakistocracy were much better than the night before in Sheffield. Partly the sound which was like listening to the record through the PA, part the way that people seemed into them rather than just wrestling their mates on the dancefloor. Overall, they are a bit slap-bang-in-the-middle of the crusty/Profane Existence thing for my tastes, but I enjoyed their set. They also have the best band 'image' I've seen for a while: three vikings plus Alice Cooper in an XXL Wu-Tang shirt playing a miniature bass.

Threads were still on their way when I had to leave at 10.45. A mixture of lack of sleep and extreme sun/gig room temperatures meant i was hardly tempted to stay over, despite the fact that Threads were the band I was most looking forward to seeing. This is how I felt on the way back (nothing to do with having a good old punk rant with Myke up til Bolton station!)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I OBJECT / RUN LIKE HELL basement show

I took a few photos at this basement show in our house. Still not sorted out my camera so it was time to borrow a digital again, with a 5 second time delay on it. Not very easy to take pictures. Anyway:

RUN LIKE HELL are a new Manchester band that I'd put on the bill after UP LATE from Sheffield had dropped out. This was their first proper show and they did a real tight and energetic set. Something like DRI meets Down in Flames. Already better than most (loosely termed) Manchester hardcore bands.

I was in the wrong place to take photos of I OBJECT, sandwiched between a PA speaker and a bassist. Here's what I rescued.

Barb punching Nick for dropping his sticks earlier