Friday, March 31, 2006

BIG photo post

OK here are a bunch of pictures I had scanned already so I could print them out in black and white. If I ever do some kind of photo zine most of these would probably end up in it. Its a bit of a mixed bunch and I've tried to write a little about each band. All these photos are really big! Use in zines, print em out, just let me know what you'd like to do with them.

DRIVEN DOWN - larger image - raw hardcore from North Yorkshire. This was taken at the Redhouse in Manchester, which has now been knocked down. Don't even bother looking for recordings of this lot, if you were there, you were there.

THE NOW DENIAL - larger image - from the Leeds Fenton gig in 2005. The singer has all the best moves. Jumps are easier to take photos of than Michael Jackson style spins.

KAOSPILOT - larger image - taken at the Man on the Moon in Cambridge way back in 2003. This was another photo that was sitting on my old website, and apparently it got used for Kaospilot's Japanese tour poster! I knew nothing about that at the time. Super nice guys. Most people seem to like the snappier stuff on the 7" and the Neil Perry split but I kinda prefer the full length on Level-Plane.

BURNING THE PROSPECT - larger image - This photo's from the Manchester Beerhouse show on their tour with Valhalla Pacifists that I put on. The downstairs is a really weird shape for watching bands but I seem to remember it being a really good evening. Make sure you check this band out if they pass through your town.

DAMAGE CONTROL - larger image - I've been out of the loop with a lot of youthcrew hardcore recently (starting to all sound the same? never!) but I quite enjoyed this bands' set despite not knowing any of their material. Taken on a crappy borrowed digital camera which gives the images stripes when you resize them. They have a record on Dead and Gone.

ENABLERS - larger image - I've never seen a band unexpectantly come to life live in the same way as these did. They have recordings out on Neurot. This photo was taken at the Klondyke Club in Levenshulme, I guess this is becoming Manchester's version of the Brudenell Social Club. See if you can guess who is standing at the front getting into them. The bill for that night was Acid Mothers Temple, Enablers AND Dalek! Incredible stuff. (sorry about the great big fuckin scratch, seem to remember it being on the negative)

VIALKA - larger image - This is one of those unclassifiable bands that a lot of people will ignore and a lot of people will find everything they've ever wanted out of music in. Vialka are a travelling two-piece who play a crazy hybrid of folk and (almost) metal on guitar and drums with lots of melody and a complete party feel to it all. This show was in a fairly small living room with half the crowd dancing to the point where the guitarist had to constantly stop people jumping on his pedals. Enter their wonderful world at


Farside seem to be having a bit of a revival in popularity these days, though not quite on the same scale as Jawbreaker. This interview is an interesting read if you're into the band, found in a zine that my ex-housemate Lee was sent a long time ago.

pages 1 and 2
page 3

As many UK kids will know or have maybe figured out, the editors of Charred Remains and Mad Monks then joined forces to put out the free zine "Fracture" which ran for 25 issues. Have a look at the "Next Stop Nowhere" site linked on the right; this archives a lot of Fracture's output.

Reccomended listening - "Rigged" LP (Revelation) and "Monroe Doctrine" LP (without the joke songs, this fits on one side of a blank tape!)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

INTERMISSION photo zine #3

Really beautiful zine put together around 1994. This issue also includes editorial rants and a piece about sexual abuse. My friend Lee photocopied me half of this whilst in America and I haven't posted many pages because obviously scans of photocopies of photocopied photos hardly do the original images justice. I've just posted a couple of my favourite pages. You should appreciate the layout at least.

Crossed Out and Spitboy
Man Is The Bastard, Honeywell and No Escape (double page, half size)

Incase its of any interest, other bands featured include - 411, Heroin, Askance, Struggle, Still Life, Furnace, Demise, Dive, Middle Sex College, Antioch Arrow, New Bomb Turks, Strife, Outspoken, Mouthpiece, Flagman, Lincoln, Econochrist, Ted Franko, Sheer Terror, SFA, Tsunami, Iconoclast, Lifetime, Rain Like the Sound of Trains, John Henry West etc etc etc.

I tried to put together an A6 photo zine at one point, made about 5 copies to give to friends but decided I didn't like the way some of the pages had come out. Anyone have any tips on getting a photozine printed well but inexpensively?

Friday, March 17, 2006

RIOT # 7 (1993) - Health Hazard / Crossed Out

I found this one in Out of Step records for a couple of quid. This zine was done by a guy called Joe from Shrewsbury and this looks like the first issue that was computer laid-out (as opposed to handwritten). It is still cut'n'paste but he obviously thought he was going to get lots of shit from the punk community all the same! Also shows its age by the number of CD vs vinyl arguments which produce some funny quotes. As you can see from the cover its a pretty formidable interview lineup and weird considering how apparently no one took Slap A Ham records seriously at the time... the reviews section is enough to make many of todays record nerds jealous of course.

The most entertaining interview is this one with HEALTH HAZARD. I relistened to their side of the SAWN OFF split after reading this and well, its about time I picked up their discography! You can find out what ex-members are now doing on the Scumville and Flat Earth websites.

I've also posted the interview with CROSSED OUT - not the longest of interviews but I guess there can't have been many with this band. If you haven't heard this band before (all vinyl and even the discography CD are well out of press) then have a quick look at a myspace page someone made.

Health Hazard page 1
Health Hazard page 2
Health Hazard page 3
Health Hazard page 4

Crossed Outpage 1
Crossed Out page 2


Image hosting by Photobucket
Bang up to date, here's a few I took the other week in Bradford. Had to leave before Skitsystem but I gather they didn't really blow many people away, or perhaps everyone had just passed out by then. This was possibly the best I've seen the Horror, who played a bunch of new stuff off their LP/CD on Crimescene/Coalition/Chainsaw Safety records. Anyway, onto the rock'n'roll debauchery...

>The Horror>The Horror>The Horror!>The Horror

TEAR IT UP photos

Image hosting by Photobucket
I took these a couple of years ago. They were up on my shitty old website and they also got printed alongside an interview in Murder Contest #1 but I just discovered them on this computer and thought they were worth keeping online. It was more of a case of "first coach back home" on the Bradford leg, as I didn't have the right ticket for the one that was going back via Leeds, apparently. A coach to Manchester Airport turned up at 3.30 helping me get back to Withington at around 7.

Tear It Up at the 1 in 12
Tear It Up at the 1 in 12
Tear It Up in Liverpool

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fugazi talk about the weather

I thought we'd have a classic band to start things off. These are from DREGS zine which was based in Liverpool. I found this zine in a free pile at Manchester Zine Fest last month. I think this issueof Dregs (#3) came out in 1989 or 1990. There's also interviews with Conflict, Joyce McKinney, articles on Penis Weight Training and a reviews section that includes "Straight Outta Compton" and The Shamen alongside Pleasant Valley Children.

Fugazi interview page 1
Fugazi interview page 2
Fugazi interview page 3
Fugazi interview page 4

there's also a cool puzzle page

An Introduction

Welcome to the "last train back home" blogspot. Here you will find bits of old zines and, for the time being at least, some photography and anything else I feel like including.

As you may be able to tell from the title, I find being involved in the here and now of DIY and punk rock lives side by side with the museum curator side. (Believe me, I get more out of travelling to gigs with my friends than I do archiving bits and pieces on the internet!) You may or may not agree with whether LTBH actually encourages this, or whether it is just another symptom of needing 'internet proof' for anything to be valid anymore. But lets save that for another time...

Please send me scans of your old zines! Best if they are
a) cut'n'paste i.e. not aspiring to be your average glossy magazine.
b) from an out-of-print zine with a small circulation
c) can shed some light on underrated UK DIY bands. y'know, like ones on
d) have writing/photography with character

email fenedge4life(at)

If you would like to reprint anything on this blogspot I'd advise tracking down the original author for permission. I regard scanning and sharing zines as being quite different from re-printing other's work alongside your own and none of the scans here are quite hi-res enough to make good re-prints. If anyone would like to use any of my photos for their own publication please give me a mail at the above address. I'll probably be more than happy for you to use them.